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Panel studies 3 - 1P Low :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 61 14 Pose Studies 14 - References from Pose Studio :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 132 3 Random poses 31 (wood dolls) :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 22 3 Hand studies 2 :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 156 6 Hand studies 1 :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 53 2 Shading and Texture 2 (tutorial) :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 6 14 Disposal Sketch 26 - 'Bionic Casual Tsundere' lol :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 17 2 Random poses 30 (massive sheet) :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 19 0 Random poses 29 (massive sheet) :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 50 2 Random poses 28 :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 24 0 Random poses 27 (massive sheet) :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 120 3 Disposal Sketch 25 :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 37 13 Disposal Sketch 24 - 'Hime' :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 11 3 Disposal Sketch 23 - 'KyosuMimi' :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 28 0 Contest10 - 'Hime' (Crunchyroll's official mascot) :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 61 6 Contest9 - 'KyosuMimi' (OCs by Jiumiingo) :iconbbstudies:BBstudies 61 13


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Hi, welcome to my DA.
I have created this gallery in order to register my Art Journey and have a place to organize my personal annotations. Although at first I wasn't planning to make this gallery public since I don't have finished drawings to show nor real tutorials to offer, I thought it still would be nice to share my studies and maybe help somebody else with them.

It's my first time ever sharing my art, so I'm sorry if things may look clumsy, but if you find anything useful please feel free to use as you please.



Panel studies 3 - 1P Low
Panel angle studies in:

1-Point Perspective
Low horizon

Perspective may seem confusing when you try to mix 1-Point, 2-Point and 3-Point perspective, but there are actually many possibilities of storytelling you can explore by using only 1-point perspective and moving the horizon line up and down!

The horizon line can be placed Low, Mid, High, Very low and Very high. I intend to make this a sequence of studies in which I will try all the horizon placement possibilities, in this sheet I included only my Low horizon attempts so far.

*Here is a little reference for this sequence of studies: Horizon placement examples
*If you would like to use any of these panels in your artwork, I just ask to kindly credit me, thank you!Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] 
Pose Studies 14 - References from Pose Studio
Practicing poses with 3D models in Pose Studio.

So, before I start mixing my traditional sketch with digital, I decided to first give a try to 3D models. I didn't like much the models from Manga Studio, so I have been using Pose Studio instead. The software was discontinued, but you can easily find its portable version. You also can use the model from Pose Studio into Manga Studio, but I still find Pose Studio simpler and faster.

They are not as dynamic as my poses traditionally, but I find it was a good exercise to force me to see poses in perspective in the computer. For some reason, I was having a hard time transferring my traditional "visualization" into digital, even if I was drawing over my own drawings. I have seen people drawing in colored papers before, it never helped me much traditionally, but I never thought how much it would help me digitally. When I started shading my sketches in a colored background, I finally was able to see depth in a digital canvas.

I'll keep studying and hopefully my digital study will start paying off.
Random poses 31 (wood dolls)
Practicing poses freehand.

Hey guys! Remember when I said I would clean my table this time? Yeah, I didn't! 8D But that's because it takes time to choose my poses and scan, I draw poses everyday and they accumulate fast, I also was studying digital so I didn't want to waste too much time doing other things. So my old poses are still all around my table, but this time I decided to post something new just for a fresh of air.

I realized I draw so much faster when I make my mannequin as a Wood doll (you know, those you can buy in art stores). The real wood dolls are not very flexible, but since they have such a simple form, imagine their poses freehand is fairly easy in comparison to other mannequins I have tried. I still find drawing cube mannequins better to control your perspective, but if you are having a hard time making your cube poses look dynamic, wood dolls is a good start.

And I think they look cute, haha. :D (Big Grin) 

Free to use! Nod 
Hand studies 1
Other old studies I decided to share now, it includes hands drawn from both reference and freehand. I did this study basing on the "100 exercise" of the video "When in Doubt, Draw 100" in Ctrl+Paint.

At the time, I wasn't going to share my hand studies because I thought there were already a lot of hand studies so much better than mine around DA that I wouldn't be adding anything useful. But as I skimmed through them, I remember great part of them were based on how to hold a rifle (as you guys probably guessed by now, one of my character's main weapon will be a rifle!) and that was something I thought important to keep here in my gallery since it's part of my studies for my future manga. I mixed with common poses too, but in general my hand studies sheet will have mainly hands "holding things" or resting objects over them.

The middle finger was because I was too angry I was drawing like crap that day, ironically the middle finger didn't come out so bad and it was actually freehanded! :'D

----A bit about the 100 exercise---
It may sound obvious that drawing something 100 times will get you good at it, but a lot of us most of the time just try to make a full drawing and then tackle the problem in the way or just fully avoid the problem at all, or just give a small little study on it and think we will be fine (then later get disappointed that your study seemed to not pay off). Well, the 100 exercise is just to give you a certain number that WILL pay off, and honestly it really did. I was no master at drawing hands, but I gain a lot of confidence to the point they weren't scary to draw anymore. So I recommend if you are struggling with something to really do the 100 exercise, but GO UNTIL THE END NON-STOP. Don't tackle other subject neither give up in the middle. I remember when I was in number 40, I was still very disappointed with myself and thinking I wasn't improving at all, but it was only around number 70 that I actually started getting happy with the result, and I actually ended up drawing more than 100 hands during those days because suddenly it went from nightmare to fun! Nod 
Disposal Sketch 26 - 'Bionic Casual Tsundere' lol
A sketch I never finished.

This was a small competition I was doing with my sister, we were using one of these websites that generate words/ideas for you to draw, and the website give you a random combination of three words and you have to make them the main theme of your drawing. I got Bionic, Casual, Tsundere! XD I just didn't have many ideas to continue at that time, my sister got something like Steampunk and hats? I don't remember, I just remember it was much cooler and it wasn't fair!! Y_____Y
Random poses 30 (massive sheet)
Practice freehand.

The falling pose in the middle is from reference though, I didn't have enough poses from reference to make a separate sheet so I decided to throw this one here, it's from a cover of Black Bullet. The rest is just my old freehand studies, some of them I find quite fun but at that time I was still too shy to share my stuff, that's why I'm only sharing them now.
Hope you guys like it, they are free to use! Nod 


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